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24 testing the actions layer waltercruz 3483d 11h 49m /bookie/
22 all tests passing now waltercruz 3485d 16h 59m /bookie/
21 weird code waltercruz 3486d 09h 33m /bookie/
20 nosetests to to world waltercruz 3486d 09h 57m /bookie/
19 dal tests waltercruz 3486d 11h 06m /bookie/
12 More tweakage omaciel 3507d 12h 38m /bookie/
11 More tweaks to separate dal from actions. omaciel 3508d 05h 33m /bookie/
10 Testing playground for now. omaciel 3508d 05h 34m /bookie/
9 Using Elixir now omaciel 3508d 06h 38m /bookie/
5 More model design omaciel 3519d 06h 50m /bookie/
4 Initial repository layout omaciel 3519d 07h 29m /bookie/