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54 Limited packages list to 5 columns mario 3424d 12h 48m /
53 iconview is now a class; add button event will add a new package icon; using package icon from gnome-packagekit omaciel 3424d 13h 35m /
52 Done some simple naming changes mario 3426d 22h 17m /
51 ignore .pyc files omaciel 3427d 04h 56m /
50 Initial import omaciel 3427d 04h 58m /
49 Changes to make sure no arguments will yield a complete set of repos omaciel 3460d 07h 01m /
48 Removed omaciel 3460d 08h 20m /
47 Split into and polyglot omaciel 3460d 08h 20m /
46 Make polyglot trully executable omaciel 3466d 14h 54m /
45 Renamed polyglot to d'uhhh omaciel 3466d 14h 55m /
44 Renamed to polyglot omaciel 3466d 14h 56m /
43 Don't necessarily pre-populate the repository classes' packages upon instantiation omaciel 3466d 15h 00m /
42 Properly perform msgmerge (needs refactoring) omaciel 3466d 18h 13m /
41 Added initial call to msgmerge packages during update; some basic code to handle UI clicking omaciel 3467d 14h 25m /
40 Minor fixes omaciel 3469d 17h 28m /
39 Removed single quotes from values omaciel 3471d 15h 51m /
38 More generalization with configuration; exclude ignored packages from all actions; omaciel 3471d 15h 52m /
37 Added package editing dialog omaciel 3474d 05h 00m /
36 Ignore pyc files omaciel 3474d 10h 50m /
35 Re-organization of code; configuration mechanism omaciel 3474d 10h 52m /

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